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Tantalizers sessions

Shining a spotlight on African R&B.

This autumn, COLORS and Spotify joined forces in Nairobi to shine a spotlight on the rich Kenyan music scene and some of its most inspiring voices.

R&B’s popularity continues to surge across Africa, with a new generation of artists crafting smooth melodies, emotionally charged lyrics, and soulful storytelling that continues to resonate strongly with a global audience.

The Kenyan capital city of Nairobi is fast emerging as a hub for some of the most exciting original voices emerging from across East Africa, and so in celebration of this, COLORS and Spotify brought together 18 musicians, songwriters and producers from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Burundi and the diaspora for a multi-day songwriting camp alongside a series of masterclasses and events, providing a platform for these artists to connect and collaborate.

In this exclusive podcast mini-series, host Patricia Kihoro speaks with some of the COLORS alumni who participated in the Tantalizers Sessions writing camp to gain insights into the unique facets of Kenya’s musical landscape, the opportunities and challenges faced by emerging artists, and what they took away from their experiences during the project.

Enjoying listening to the music in this series? Discover more of the smoothest African R&B in the Tantalizers playlist, only on Spotify.

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