Mara TK – Highly Medicated / Toroa/The Albatross

March 14

New Zealand-based artist Mara TK (formerly of Electric Wire Hustle) details his debut solo album titled ‘Bad Meditation’ with the release of double A-side single ‘Highly Medicated / Toroa/The Albatross’. On ‘Highly Medicated’, Mara TK creates an enchanting and heartfelt atmosphere as he addresses the loss of his grandfather whilst ‘Toroa/The Albatross’ recounts the passive resistance movement of Parihaka from the 1800’s. Both singles encapsulate Mara TK’s deeply personal account of his heritage and serve as the perfect taste of ‘Bad Meditation’ which is out on 7th May.


LEISURE – Spark It Up

August 15

New Zealand based outfit LEISURE follow up previous release ‘Slipping Away’ with equally breezy new single ‘Spark It Up’. Awash with groovy guitar lines and soaring falsetto-laden vocals that ride the drumbeat with ease, ‘Spark It Up’ is lifted from the band’s forthcoming ‘SIDE A’ EP which is out October 30th. Dive into the dazzling single here, it’s an absolute stunner!

Yumi Zouma – Bruise

May 28

Having completed their trilogy of EP’s last year, New Zealand outfit Yumi Zouma have shared a brilliant new standalone single in the form of ‘Bruise’. The club-ready track is a slight change of direction from the indie-pop trio’s signature sound, yet those pop nuances we’ve come to love and adore remain stronger than ever. The infectious melodies and soothing tones of vocalist┬áChristie Simpson add a soft and hazy touch to the electronic-led production propelling the track forwards.