BERWYN – 100,000,000

Trinidad-born, London-based rapper, singer, songwriter and producer BERWYN shares mellow new number ‘100,000,000’, which he originally previewed during out HOME/BRED sessions last year. The reflective new cut serves as the follow up to BERWYN’s incredible ‘DEMOTAPE/VEGA’ tape and stand-alone single ‘VINYL’, and arrives with a vivid music video directed by LOOSE. Check out the brilliant new single (which features backing vocals from his sister Chrissy) to the right.

Joviale – Blow!

North London-based artist Joviale follows up 2019’s ‘Crisis’ EP with enchanting, groove-inflected new single ‘Blow!’. Lifted from Joviale’s forthcoming new project titled ‘Hurricane Belle’ (which is co-produced by Bullion), ‘Blow!’ features the artist’s unique, mournful musings traipse across the lo-fi, jazz-inflected grooves. A marvelous introduction to ‘Hurricane Belle’ which is out next month, ‘Blow!’ is completed with a vivid self-directed music video which you can enjoy to the right.

JOON – Good Times

March 28

Maltese producer Yasmin Kuymizakis aka JOON reminds us of the ‘Good Times’ with sparkling and ever so groovy new single. Serving as a taste of her forthcoming debut album which is out later this year via Italian’s Do It Better, ‘Good Times’ is a swirling funk-fest that sees the artist team up with Johnny Jewel on production to create a dazzling synth-laden extravaganza. Check out ‘Good Times’ to the right – it’s a bop from start to finish.

Joel Culpepper – Thought About You

South-East London based artist Joel Culpepper takes our breath away on dazzling new single ‘Thought About You’ which is produced by Shawn Lee. Lifted from his forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album ‘Sgt Culpepper’, the groove-inflected track packs quite a punch as the powerful beat and stylish bassline are topped up with Culpepper’s incredible falsetto-laden tones. Swoon the soulful psychedelia of ‘Thought About You’ here and keep an eye out for ‘Sgt Culpepper’ which is set to drop on July 23rd.

emir taha – Hoppa pt. 2

Brixton-based Turkish artist emir taha serves up lush soundscapes and melodic songwriting on new EP ‘Hoppa pt. 2’. Featuring previous offerings ‘Baka Baka’, ‘Mileage’, ‘Kendi Yoluna’ and ‘Bad Reception’, the six-track project sees the emerging talent expand on last year’s equally impressive ‘Hoppa pt. 1’ project. Packed with intricate arrangements that wonderfully blend Turkish influences with slick contemporary instrumentation, ‘Hoppa pt 2.’ is one of the most refreshing projects you’ll hear this year. Stream it in full here.

Charlotte Adigéry – Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)

March 22

Caribbean-Belgian artist Charlotte Adigéry shares striking new gem ‘Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you)’ made in collaboration with Bolis Pupul. A dazzling array of glorious guitar lines, some superb strings and a groovy-inflected beat, the single serves as the follow up to 2019’s ‘Zandoli’ EP and the opener to ‘Foundations’, a compilation album by record label DEEWEE . Check out ‘Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you), which sees Adigéry and Pupul reflect on life in lockdown here and keep an eye out for ‘Foundations’ which arrives on May 7th.

Jimmy Smash – August

March 21

If you’re looking for a funk-filled gem that is an absolute blast from the get go, look no further than ‘August’ by Norwegian duo Jimmy Smash (aka Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad). Arriving with an equally chilled out animated set of visuals by Tezo Kyungdon Lee, the shimmering single fuses lush grooves and percussive bursts with infectious melodies and dreamy vocals. Let Jimmy Smash sweep you off with your feet with the vibrant atmospherics of ‘August’ here.

Luwten – Sleeveless

March 20

Dutch artist Luwten (the musical project of Tessa Douwstra) announces her forthcoming new album ‘Draft’ with the release of ethereal new single ‘Sleeveless’. Accompanied by a stellar set of visuals that wonderfully mirror the song’s minimalist soundscapes, ‘Sleeveless’ is a breath of fresh air as Luwten’s soothing tones echo a message of celebrating vulnerability and opening up to yourself. Check out the beautiful composition here and keep an eye out for ‘Draft’ which is out April 30th.

feeo – end song

Consider yourself introduced to Oxford, England-based experimental artist feeo who shares her wonderful new single ‘end song’. Taken from her forthcoming debut EP titled ‘feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it’, the glistening cut captures feeo’s enchanting and wistful tones traipse across a wonky beat that blends the worlds of pop, jazz and R&B as she sings about the end of the world. Check out the dream-like single and it’s equally mystifying and vivid self-directed music video to the right.

Maxi Millz – MDNA

West London-based singer/songwriter Maxi Millz follows up ‘Danny Ocean’ with another incredible new single in the form of ‘MDNA’. Lifted from his forthcoming new EP titled ‘Captions’, the spellbinding cut features a luxuriously smooth and intoxicating soundscape filled with groovy guitars and a dynamic trap-inspired beat as Millz tops things off with his impeccable falsetto-laden tones. Dive into the mesmerising atmospherics of ‘Madonna’ here and keep an eye out for ‘Captions’ which is out soon.

London Grammar – How Does It Feel

March 13

British trio London Grammar reveal groovy new single ‘How Does It Feel’ which is taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Californian Soil’. Co-produced with Steve Mac, the striking single serves as the follow up to previous cuts ‘Baby It’s You’ and ‘Lose Your Head’ and showcases a different side to the band’s sound. Listen here as frontwoman Hannah Reid’s impeccable crisp and smooth tones are driven by equally groovy and gritty guitar lines before a killer beat takes things up a notch.

MOUTARDE & MIEL – L’oiseau de nuit

March 10

Following the release of ‘Muette Samson’ which dropped last year, emerging french duo MOUTARDE & MIEL unveil sparkling new cut ‘L’oiseau de nuit’. Lifted from the pair’s forthcoming new mini-album ‘Surprise !’, the delightfully smooth and atmospheric single is accompanied by an equally captivating and intriguing music video created in collaboration with Jessica Monvoisin and Julien Recours. A magical affair from start to finish, check out ‘L’oiseau de nuit’ (which translates to Night Bird) here and keep an eye out for ‘Surprise !’ which drops next month via Grande Rousse disques.

Miller Blue – Me, Myself & I

London-based artist Miller Blue shares dazzling new single ‘Me, Myself & I’, which is co-produced by Ahwlee and serves as the first taste of his forthcoming ‘The Tree Of Tenéré’ EP. Arriving with a music video directed-by boy wonder, the spellbinding cut is soundtracked by an alluring jazz trumpet that creates an utterly blissful atmosphere for Miller Blue to lay down those breezy vocals. Check out the reflective single and it’s music video to the right and keep an eye out for ‘The Tree of Tenéré’ which is set to drop later this year.

Erika de Casier – Drama

March 7

Danish singer, songwriter and producer Erika de Casier follows up last year’s delightful ‘No Butterflies, No Nothing’ with superb new single ‘Drama’. Released via 4AD, the serene single arrives with an equally elegant and enticing self-directed music video which features photography by Gloria Berenice Moreno and by Henriette Motzfeldt. With a new record on the way, ‘Drama’ is a sparkling number that features Erika’s whispery, wistful vocals over a breezy, shuffling beat. See (and hear) for yourself to the right.

SLUMKADET – Blurry Iris

Emerging British-Tamil artist SLUMKADET (aka Michael Roshan Jr.) shares an homage to Tamil and Indian Cinema with atmospheric new single ‘Blurry Iris’ (produced by Jalus). Having already impressed with the silky moments of ‘Tell Me’ earlier this year, SLUMKADET keeps the momentum going with ‘Blurry Iris’ which opens with one of the most beautiful and cinematic intros you’ll hear this year. Check out the slow-burning single, which wonderfully blends together smooth R&B nuances with Tamil-inspired vocals and is accompanied by a Tamil/Bollywood-inspired visual, here.

Zouj – j0_0j

Leipzig-based French/Moroccan/American-producer Adam Abdelkader Belhaj-Lenox aka Zouj unveils glitchy new single ‘j0_0j’ (pronounced joooj). Accompanied by an equally bonkers and intriguing music video created by Franz Impler which sees the song’s titular character explore a twisted, alternate reality, ‘j0_0j’ is undoubtedly one of those rare gems that keeps you on your toes from start to finish. Dive into the other-worldly atmospherics of ‘j0_0j’ to the right and keep an eye out for more from Zouj.

Uma – Nebula

March 3

Barcelona-based singer/songwriter Uma shares captivating new single ‘Nebula’ from her upcoming EP ‘Moth & The Dove’. Serving as the follow up to previous cuts ‘Black Bees’ and Bring Me The Mountain’, ‘Nebula’ brings together elements of bossa nova and celestial synths as Uma’s gentle and smooth tones wash over to create an absolutely blissful and otherworldly atmosphere. Dive into ‘Nebula’ here and keep and eye out for ‘Moth & The Dove’ which is out April 9th.

Nápoles – Know My Place

March 2

Stockholm, Sweden-based soul singer Nápoles follows up last year’s ‘Slowin It’ EP with brilliant new slow jam ‘Know My Place’ produced by Wahib. Encompassing a classic R&B soundscape that boasts a seductive beat, ‘Know My Place’ finds the perfect sweet spot between nostalgic and refreshing as Nápoles graceful tones sweep across the instrumentation like butter. Dive into ‘Know My Place’ here, it’s a stunner from start to finish.

Shadi G – Mitoone (ft. Elijah Boothe)

February 28

Swedish artist and producer Shadi G teams up with American artist Elijah Boothe on mesmerising new single ‘Mitoone’. Serving as her first offering that’s almost entirely sung in Persian, the enchanting number sees Shadi G’s woozy and captivating vocals blend with Elijah Boothe’s silken tones with ease over a rich, intoxicating beat-driven soundscape. Dive into the atmospheric nuances of ‘MItoone’ to the right.

Sam Ezeh – Night at Ezeh’s

February 26

Emerging Swedish singer and producer Sam Ezeh’ delivers the smoothest of vibes on brilliant new EP ‘Night At Ezeh’s’. Featuring previously released singles ‘CRISIS’, ‘Bonsai Love’ and ‘Suspension’, the seven-track project is rounded off with two lush closing numbers in the form of ‘Fly/Gravity’ and ‘Makes My Night’. A wonderful debut offering, ‘Night At Ezeh’s’ is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year so far.