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Yasin – Salaam & twogunkid | A COLORS SHOW

Since releasing his eponymous debut single in 2015, Yasin Abdullahi Mahamoud, aka Yasin, has become one the biggest names in Swedish hip-hop. Known for his sharp flow and sincere pen, he has released standout singles such as ‘Trakten min’, ‘Bara om jag känner för det’, ‘DSGIS’, and ‘XO’ (a collaboration with Dree Low). His dexterity as a rapper is evident throughout his discography, from earlier projects like ‘98.01.11’ (2020) and ‘More To Life’ (2020) to his most recent offering ‘PISTOLER POESI OCH SEX’ (2023)’.

For COLORS, Yasin delivers a fiery medley of two new singles that follow on from his recent releases ‘Fantasy’, ‘Ambitions of A Rider’ (with JB), and ‘Slowmotion’ (with AP51). Titled ‘Salaam’ and ‘twogunkid’, both tracks are underpinned by a bass heavy beat, against which Yasin provides a glimpse into his life and personal experiences . Catch the full performance above.

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