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tlinh – sleeping beauty | A COLORS SHOW

tlinh – sleeping beauty | A COLORS SHOW

Hanoi-based rapper, singer, and dancer Nguyen Thao Linh’s—aka tlinh—uplifting, carefree music has cemented her as one of the most exciting voices in the Vietnamese rap community. Bursting onto the music scene with early singles such as ‘Thích Quá Rùi Nà’, ‘Vứt Zác’ (ft. Low G), and ‘Em Là Châu Báu’ (with MCK and CB) in 2020, tlinh continues to impress listeners with her unique voice and confident delivery.

For her debut A COLORS SHOW, tlinh shares a delightful rendition of her latest single ‘sleeping beauty’, a standout track from her forthcoming EP. Backed by a subtle trap-inspired beat and guitars, tlinh delivers soulful, falsetto-laden vocals that explore the void left by heartbreak. Catch the full performance above and be sure to keep an eye out for more from tlinh in the near future.

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