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Sjava – umama

Sjava – umama

Sjava kajama Indlalifa, more commonly known by his stage name Sjava, is a Grammy-nominated artist and actor from South Africa creating soulful Hip Hop cuts that are deeply personal and heartfelt. Last year, Sjava released ‘Umqhele’, his magnificent sophomore record which boasts a whopping 18 songs and clocks in at just under 90 minutes long. Over the course of these records, Sjava takes you on a musical journey highlighting narratives rooted in love, loss, family, identity, home and much more.

For his COLORS session, Sjava delivers a deeply personal and heartfelt tribute to his mother on ‘Umama’ (produced by Mace), taken from his sophomore album ‘Umqhele’. The insightful production coupled with Sjava’s endearing tones and poignant lyricism serve as beacon of light as he expresses his love for his mother with words of endearment. The sentiment and message of the song is unquestionably infectious and transcends language or borders; so regardless of whether or not you understand the words, ‘Umama’ will undoubtedly find a place in your heart. Enjoy the beautiful performance of the track above, and be sure to give ‘Umqhele’ a listen too.

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