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Raw emotion and poetic songwriting are key features of Washington, DC-born singer-songwriter’s music. Since dropping his debut EP ‘yaRn’ in 2019, the artist has carved his own path in the R&B world, releasing his follow up EP ‘aiMless’ and heavenly debut album ‘Thicker Than Water’ in 2020 and 2021 respectively. In April 2023, rum released his stunning sophomore album ‘U Street Anthology’. Dedicated to his birthplace, the thirteen-track project features collaborations with the likes of Kiah Victoria and COLORS alum Mereba.

For his debut A COLORS SHOW, delivers a bespoke medley of ‘AM/FM’ and ‘Blessed’, two tracks that feature on ‘U Street Anthology’. The rich instrumentation of ‘AM/FM’ comprises soft drums and warming guitar lines, offering the perfect accompaniment to rum’s vocals before he seamlessly transitions to the intimate, piano-led ‘Blessed’. Watch the full performance above, which, through a special prop, provides a window to street views reminiscent of his hometown. Also make sure to listen to the rest of ‘U Street Anthology’ if you haven’t already.

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