RÜDE CÅT – Think You’re Free

With just a handful of singles under his belt, American producer, composer, musician, writer, and artist RÜDE CÅT has already made quite the impression. With ‘Homesick’, his breathtaking debut single which landed in September last year, RÜDE CÅT fills the soundscape with warming acoustic guitars and busts of electronics that are topped off by his sensational vocals. This was followed up by ‘Move’, an orchestral number rooted in a more traditional R&B palette which served as RÜDE CÅT’s “ode to independent artists, entrepreneurs, single parents, the under-appreciated, under-valued and underestimated”.

For COLORS, the rising artist brings a mesmerising, exclusive performance of soulful new single ‘Think You’re Free’. As detailed and intricate as ever, ‘Think You’re Free’ is as sparse as it is expansive with sprinklings of varying instrumentation being added to the mix throughout to create an entirely immersive atmosphere. Flexing his effortlessly smooth and powerful vocals, RÜDE CÅT ends the piece by working his magic on the drum machine – see for yourself up top.

▶ Stream: https://colors.lnk.to/allshowscxs
▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsrudecat/

RÜDE CÅT – Think You’re Free RÜDE CÅT - Think You're Free

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