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Ralphie Choo – Tangos de una moto trucada | A COLORS SHOW

Madrid-based songwriter and producer Juan Casado creates glitchy, genre-bending music under the name of Ralphie Choo. Named after a Simpsons character, the artist burst on to the scene in 2019, when he released two impressive debut singles titled ‘Town Boyz’ and ‘Cari’. Since then, he’s continued to create music referencing a myriad of genres and styles, ranging from Jazz and Bossa Nova to R&B and Pop. Highlights of his discography include ‘Dolores’, ‘lamento de una supernova’, ‘Hugo Gloss’, and ‘ROOKIES’ to name just a few.

For his COLORS debut, Ralphie Choo shares an electrifying performance of ‘Tangos de una moto trucada’, a new single lifted from his forthcoming album ‘Supernova’. Composed in collaboration with DRUMMIE, the track’s soundscape features a patchwork of textured sounds that work in perfect harmony with Choo’s soothing vocals. Check out the full performance above, above and keep an eye out for ‘Supernova’ which is set to drop later this year.



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