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NATIV – Foyi Freestyle | A COLORS SHOW

NATIV – Foyi Freestyle | A COLORS SHOW

Swiss-Ivorian artist NATIV’s thought-provoking music has cemented him as one of the most prominent voices in the scene today. Having shared his politically-charged cuts for over half a decade, the rapper (real name Thierry Gnahoré) is best known for his projects ‘MVZ Vol. 1’, MVZ Vol. 2’, ‘Baobab’, and ‘Awful’, to name a few. More recently, NATIV’s eclectic sound and conscientious songwriting shone through on ‘Marathon’, which features highlights such as ‘Aeon.’, ‘Joy. (Baobab Forever)’, and ‘Mulhouse Sud’.

For COLORS, NATIV delivers a blazing performance of ‘Foyi Freestyle’, a single lifted from his newly released mixtape ‘MVZ Vol. 2.1’. Pairing a blistering, bass-heavy beat with a sprinkling of whimsy, the track creates the perfect conditions for NATIV to spit his truth. Catch the performance in full up top, and be sure to listen to ‘MVZ Vol. 2.1’ if you haven’t already.

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