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Monaleo – Sober Mind | A COLORS SHOW

Monaleo – Sober Mind | A COLORS SHOW

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Leondra Roshawn Gay, aka Monaleo (pronounced mo-nuh-leo), released her viral debut track ‘Beating Down Yo Block’ in 2020. A rework of the iconic 1999 track ‘Knockin Pictures Off the Wall’ by fellow Houston native Yungstar, the post-breakup anthem clearly demonstrated Monaleo’s empowering songwriting and mighty voice. Since then, she’s continued to impress listeners with releases including ‘We Not Humping’ and ‘Body Bag’ in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

For her debut A COLORS SHOW, Monaleo showcases her vulnerability in a somber yet powerful performance of her latest single ‘Sober Mind’. Against a backdrop of haunting piano-progressions, the artist weaves a rich tapestry of emotions as she sings about the importance of perseverance and keeping a positive mindset. Watch the full performance above and keep an eye out for more from Monaleo in the near future.

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