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Mighloe – Little Lies | A COLORS SHOW

Mighloe – Little Lies | A COLORS SHOW

Over the past few years, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mighloe has impressed with her soul-stirring releases such as ‘All About You’ (2018) and ‘Pretty’ (2020). Last year, the Canadian artist released ‘Desperate Times’, a seven-track project including highlights like ‘Don’t Call Me’, ‘Cruel’, and ‘Rainy Days’. On the project, Mighloe’s dreamy compositions send the listener on a journey of emotional discovery as she sings about heartbreak, sexuality, and self-trust.

For COLORS, Mighloe delivers an intimate performance of her delightful new single ‘Little Lies’. Supported by gentle guitar lines and subtle drums, the enchanting song showcases the artist’s vivid songwriting as she lays down honeyed tones with an effortless grace. Watch the special acoustic rendition of ‘Little Lies’ above and keep an eye out for Mighloe’s forthcoming new project.

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