Luidji – Système

On his debut album ‘Tristesse Business: Saison 1’ (which loosely translates to ‘Sadness Business: Season 1’), Paris-based rapper Luidji reflects on relationships in a way that’s both refreshing and relatable. Soundtracked by groovy instrumentals that perfectly mirror the record’s romanticism and poignancy, ‘Tristesse Business: Saison 1’ tells stories of love and testing relationships, and that’s exactly the case with ‘Système’ which he performs for COLORS.

Following up his A COLORS SHOW of new single ‘Le rouge’, Luidji shares a reflective rendition of the aforementioned single which is produced by Ryan Koffi. Everything from the rich soundbed of warbling bass guitars, dreamy synths and a killer brass section almost gives the impression of being submerged in water, which perfectly reflects the song’s narrative as Luidji describes the end of a relationship. Check out the performance of ‘Système’ above and don’t forget to watch Luidji debut his new song ‘Le rouge’ for COLORS.


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Luidji – Système Luidji - Système


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