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Jonah Yano – poor me

Jonah Yano – poor me

Earlier this week, Japanese-Canadian artist Jonah Yano mesmerised us with a stunning rendition of ‘delicate’, a highlight from his debut studio album ‘souvenir’. The single serves as a perfect snapshot of the record which depicts Yano’s exploration of the connection to his Japanese heritage through soulful soundscapes and engaging, personable songwriting. Throughout the course of ‘souvenir’, which features a reimagination of Tatsuya Muraoka’s 90’s single ‘shoes’ and ‘strawberry!’, Yano wears his heart on his sleeve and it’s when he’s most vulnerable that the songs echo the strongest sense of solace and healing.

That’s exactly the case with ‘poor me’, the beautiful opening single to ‘souvenir’ which Yano performs as part of his A COLORS ENCORE performance. Once again accompanied by his guitar, Yano creates an entirely immersive and intimate atmosphere as the gentle strums of the guitar lay the foundation to carry his emotive tones. Check out the performance of ‘poor me’ here and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to put ‘souvenir’ on rotation – it’s one of the most heartwarming albums you’ll hear this year.

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