Jelani Blackman – Tricky

What makes London’s Jelani Blackman such an existing artist is not just his ability to deliver sharp, hard-hitting verses just as easily as hitting those smooth, silky tones; but the way in which he is able to convey a depth and poignancy in his songwriting. His personable narrations are mirrors that allow us to see ourselves in his words, and it’s this that has set him apart from his contemporaries.

Having just wowed us with a ferocious and jaw dropping performance of unreleased single ‘Hello’ earlier this week. London based artist Jelani Blackman marks his return with a raw and honest performance of latest single ‘Tricky’. With production courtesy of multi-platinum selling producer Jacob Manson, ‘Tricky’ showcases Blackman’s emotional and poignant lyricism as he narrates his experiences growing up in London. As smooth as it is sharp, check out Jelani Blackman’s COLORS ENCORE of ‘Tricky’ up top.

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Jelani Blackman – Tricky Jelani Blackman - Tricky

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