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Hira – Y

Hira – Y

Over the past few years, London-based multi-disciplinary artist HIRA has continually impressed with his slick, groove-inflected compositions. Since dropping ‘Eve’ back in 2017, HIRA joined Paul Institute, a venture founded by fellow Londoners Jai Paul and A. K. Paul. Through the Paul Institute, HIRA dropped two incredible singles in the form of ‘Red Light Drive’ and ‘Unreal’ which were later followed up by double-single ‘Don’t Question It! / Just When I’ and most recently, ‘Eclipses’. Each of these tracks showcases HIRA’s exceptional attention to detail as he builds intricately layered soundscapes that are topped off by equally arresting vocals.

That’s exactly the case with ‘Y’, a brand new single which HIRA premiers as part of his A COLORS SHOW. Joined by Mahir on guitar (who is also one half of Paul Institute duo Pen Pals), HIRA effortlessly lays down his slick tones and breathtaking harmonies over the funk-filled instrumentation. Check out the dazzling performance up top – it’s a bop from start to finish!

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