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Hailey Knox – Double Tragedy | A COLORS SHOW

Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Hailey Knox grew her following through sharing soulful acoustic guitar and loop pedal covers online. Since then, she’s started creating her own music, releasing her debut EP, ‘A Little Awkward’, in 2018 before following it up with the mixtape  ‘Hardwired’ in 2020. While Knox’s tracks feature infectious pop melodies and powerful vocals, they also contain poignant songwriting touching on emotional themes including heartbreak, self discovery, and more.

For her debut A COLORS SHOW, Knox delivers an emotive performance ‘Double Tragedy’. Against a lively beat and powerful bassline, the artist’s alluring voice paints a poignant portrait of a love that refuses to release its grip. Watch the full performance here, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more new music from Knox later this year.

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