GoldLink – Justine’s Interlude

Since his brilliant mixtape The God Complex gained traction back in 2014, Maryland-born artist GoldLink has continued to bear the flag for the DMV area, and there’s no stopping him. His uncompromising talent as a lyricist is only heightened by his exceptional delivery and flow; something that is showcased perfectly in “Crew”, his Grammy-nominated single which features fellow Washington D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy and Baltimore vocalist Brent Faiyaz. Taken from his debut album At What Cost, the track encompasses GoldLink’s self-dubbed sound of “Future Bounce”, an amalgamation of Hip Hop, R&B and House.

Just over two years after treating us to a spectacular performance of “Rough Soul” (feat April George), GoldLink returns to COLORS with “Justine’s Interlude”, a heartfelt freestyle in inspired by the passing of Mac Miller and in tribute to his friend and recent collaborator Justin Skye. Written a few days after the young rapper’s passing and in lieu with Skye’s experiences of domestic abuse, the track encompasses GoldLink’s relentless flow over a simple yet powerful beat which allows the honesty and emotion in his words to really sink in. This is one of those songs (and performances) that warrants little to know explanation, you simply just have to take a minute and soak in the truth of “Justin’s Interlude” yourself.

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GoldLink – Justine’s Interlude GoldLink - Justine's Interlude

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