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When it comes to stand-up comedy, none are pushing the boundaries quite like Fary. The French comedian offers deep, thought-provoking narratives that masquerade as jokes to engage with audiences in a way that takes them out of their comfort zone without ever leaving it. Recently, Fary shared his Netflix special titled ‘Fary Is The New Black’ in which he straddles on the topics of identity, culture, dating and more over two shows.

For COLORS, Fary delivers a deep spoken-word piece titled “FACIÈS” which touches on his experience as a black man in France. Over the course of the three-minute performance, Fary references several events that took place in France, providing an insight into the discrimation from the media as well as colleagues on being black, or a muslim. As stylish as ever, Fary’s delivery is sharp yet smooth as he works his way across the set that’s backed up by a scintillating electronic beat. A COLORS first, check out ‘FACIÈS’up top and be sure to check out Fary’s forthcoming show ‘Fary: Hexagone’ directed by Ladj Ly.

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