ENNY – Nu Normal

Rising South East London based rapper ENNY made quite the impression last year. Having smashed her A COLORS SHOW of breakthrough single ‘Peng Black Girls (Remix)’ with Jorja Smith at the end of last year not to mention releasing two equally stellar cuts in the form of ‘He’s Not Into You’ and ‘For South’, ENNY’s ascent to stardom has only just begun.

Returning for a special A COLORS ENCORE performance of new freestyle ‘Nu Normal’, we see ENNY display her signature combination of slick, witty lyrics and a fresh, flow over a timeless beat. Shifting her way through the bass-heavy production, ENNY’s mellow yet sharp delivery is ever present, but it’s her penmanship that truly shines here. See for yourself up top as ENNY recounts the contributions of her loved ones as well as place a mirror on her experiences as a black woman.

▶ Stream: https://colors.lnk.to/allshowscxs
▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ennyintegrity/

ENNY – Nu Normal ENNY - Nu Normal

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