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Dua Saleh – Sugar Mama

Minneapolis based multidisciplinary performing artist Dua Saleh introduced their eclectic sound with debut EP ‘Nūr’ (pronounced “noor” and translates to “the light” in Arabic) earlier this year. The five-track EP, which is executive produced by Psymun, sees the newcomer tackle a range of topics from politics and gender identity to self expression and love. Saleh’s haunting tones evoke a sense of comfort and create an infectious atmosphere like no other; a startling feat considering they only started recording music two years ago.

For their COLORS show, Dua Saleh bring their intoxicating sound with a stellar performance of stand out single ‘Sugar Mama’ which serves as the opener to ‘Nūr’. Effortlessly jumping from smooth and silky to a gravelled growl, Saleh’s vocal ability is mirrored by the equally thought provoking wordplay and shape shifting instrumentation. Dua Saleh’s sound is unlike anything you’ve heard before, and that’s exactly what makes them one of the most exciting and creative voices around – see for yourself up top and be sure to check out the ‘Nūr’ EP too.

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