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Chinah – give me life

Chinah – give me life

CHINAH are a three-piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark whose sparkling electro-pop tunes are an absolute blast. With a couple of EPs under their belts in the form of 2016;s ‘Once the Lights Are On’ and 2017’s ‘Hints’, the trio have continually impressed with their infectious songwriting and haunting vocals. Towards the end of last year, CHINAH dropped ‘ANYONE’, their sensational debut album which featured stand out singles like ‘Real Thing?’ and ‘Strange Is Better’.

For their COLORS session, CHINAH get hypnotic on the powerful and invigorating ‘Give Me Life’, another gem from their debut album. Vivid electronics spearhead the track’s relentless instrumentation as lead singer Fine Glindvad’s brilliant vocals are encased in a diaspora of fragility and seductiveness as she intones “Give me life / Soaking wet / Shoot my heart / Take a piece and watch me bleed” in the track’s chorus. Enjoy the performance of ‘Give Me Life’ and make sure to give ‘ANYONE’ a spin too!

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