Chilly Gonzales – Nimbus

Canadian artist and musician Chilly Gonzales is a showman if ever there was one. The Grammy award winner and Guiness World Record holder (for the longest solo concert at 27 hours) has performed and worked with the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Feist and Drake, but it’s his solo compositions that truly strike a chord. Having released a trilogy of stunning pieces of piano solos aptly titled Solo Piano, Solo Piano II and Solo Piano III, Gonzalez has also dabbled in a host of other areas including chamber music, pop and even a stint at rapping.

For COLORS, Chilly Gonzales treats us to his ornate and delicate piano arrangements with a spellbinding rendition of “Nimbus”, which is lifted from last year’s Solo Piano III album. A testament to Gonzalez’ unquestionable talent as a composer and musician, “Nimbus” is a free-flowing and colourful foray into a new world, one that is playful and humorous, relaxing and warm. Allow Chilly Gonzales to transport you to this very world with “Nimbus” up top, and be sure to give his incredible Solo Piano III record a spin too.

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Chilly Gonzales – Nimbus Chilly Gonzales - Nimbus

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