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Charlotte Cardin – Next To You | A COLORS SHOW

Montréal-born, Paris-based singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin released her first EP, ‘Big Boy’, in 2016. Featuring highlights such as ‘Like It Doesn’t Hurt’ (with Nate Husser) and ‘Dirty Dirty’, this project paved the way for ‘Phoenix’, her 2021 debut album, which won all four major categories at the 2021 JUNO Awards. A collection of emotional ballads—stand out tracks include ‘Sun Goes Down (Buddy)’ and ‘Anyone Who Loves Me’, to pop hits ‘Sad Girl’, ‘Meaningless’, and ‘Passive Aggressive’—the reflective record sees Cardin look within and try to understand her true self.

For her debut A COLORS SHOW, Cardin debuts a stunning rendition of ‘Next To You’, a new single that will feature on her forthcoming album ‘99 Nights’. Following on from previous singles such as ‘Looping’, ‘Confetti’, and ‘Jim Carrey’, ‘Next to You’ is driven by increasingly intensifying piano-led instrumentation. Against this backdrop, Cardin delivers heartfelt vocals, exploring themes of embracing change and finding the strength to let go of relationships in the process. Check out the full performance above, and be sure to listen to the rest of ‘99 Nights’ when it’s released on August 25th.

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