Bonnie Banane – Mauvaise Foi

Paris based artist Bonnie Banane is one of the most exciting voices to come out of the French capital over the past few years. Her eclectic sound is rooted in blending R&B, soul with snippets of hip-hop and electronics, but Banane’s music is more than that. Apart from the lush soundscapes, her sensational vocals and poignant storytelling continue to impress on tracks like ‘La Clef’ and ‘La Lune & Le Soleil’ which dropped earlier this year.

For her COLORS session, Bonnie Banane delivers a thunderous performance of new single ‘Mauvaise Foi’. Soundtracked by a crystalline beat that boasts crisp electronics and a warbling bass, it’s Banane’s smooth vocals and hair-raising harmonies that steal the show here. Encompassing an ever so chilled out vibe, this performance from the French artist is definitely a highlight – see for yourself up top!

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Bonnie Banane – Mauvaise Foi Bonnie Banane - Mauvaise Foi

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