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Ayoni – Bitter in Love | A COLORS SHOW

Over the past few years, Barbados-born, L.A.-based singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist Ayoni has been making waves in the music industry with her magnetizing vocals and raw songwriting. In 2019, she dropped her debut project ‘Iridescent’, before releasing a slew of singles including ‘The Patriots’ and ‘If You Leave’ in 2021. She also shared her EP, ‘The Vision’, in 2022. Touching on her experiences of living in Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States, Ayoni’s music reflects her diverse global worldview.

For COLORS, Ayoni shares a moving rendition of ‘Bitter in Love’, a new single from her upcoming debut album ‘ISOLA’.  In this gorgeous ballad, the artist’s lovelorn vocals soar atop a bed of piano progressions and crisp drums as she describes the feelings of longing and acceptance that often accompany the end of relationships. Watch the full performance above, and be sure to keep an eye out for ‘ISOLA’, which is set to drop this summer.

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