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Alizzz – Mirando al techo | A COLORS SHOW

Cristian Quirante Catalán, aka Alizzz, is a multi-award-winning producer, singer, and songwriter who has worked with the likes of Rosalía and C. Tangana. In 2019, Alizzz launched his record label Whoa Music. Here, he’s released his solo works, including his critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Tiene que haber algo más’ (2021) and recently released second album “CONDUCCIÓN TEMERARIA’. A swirling vortex of electronic and rock-infused pop, the new album features Alizzz’s previously released singles ‘Carretera Perdida’ and ‘Despertar’ (ft. Maria Arnal).

For COLORS, Alizzz pumps up the energy with a striking rendition of ‘Mirando al techo’, which also features on the new album. Against a backdrop of sprightly drums and infectious guitar lines, Alizzz delivers lively vocals that mask his inner turmoil. Watch the full performance on the site, and be sure to check out rest of Alizzz’s new album when you have a chance.

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