Agar Agar – Sorry About the Carpet

Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel met at a Parisian art school and upon this meeting, were compelled to add a refreshing edge to the French music scene. Together, the duo craft enticing electro-pop gems under the guise of Agar Agar. Having released an EP in the form of ‘Cardan’ in 2016, the duo went onto drop ‘The Dog and the Future’, their dazzling debut album which features stand out songs like ‘Fangs Out’ and ‘Requiem’.

For their COLORS session, Agar Agar stun with a brilliant rendition of ‘Sorry About the Carpet, another gem from their debut record. Cappagli entrances you with her hypnotic vocals from the get go, whilst Bultheel lays down a scintillating array of synths and guitars to carry the track along its magical path. Together, the pair transport you to another dimension as each layer of instrumentation takes the song to new heights. Enjoy the performance of ‘Sorry About the Carpet’ above, and be sure to give their fabulous album ‘The Dog and the Future’ a spin too.

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Agar Agar – Sorry About the Carpet Agar Agar - Sorry About the Carpet

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