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Wallace Cleaver – Le Bus | A COLORS SHOW

Saint-Laurent-Nouan, Paris-based rapper Wallace Cleaver first shared his introspective songwriting and nostalgia-tinged sounds with the world in 2018. Since releasing his early singles ‘Arsène’, ‘Fe.tys’, and ‘Britney Spears 2007’, the rising artist has taken the French rap scene by storm with projects like ‘98’ (2019), ‘Toute l’année c’est l’hiver’ (2020), ‘CAUCHEMAR’ (2021), and ‘à la recherche du temps perdu’ (2021)’. Last year, Cleaver released ‘baiser’, an album combining his sincere storytelling with rich instrumentals. Highlights from the project include ‘​​​çalavie’, ‘​benelli828’ (ft. Django), and ‘​​est-ce que je l’aime ?’.

For his debut A COLORS SHOW, Wallace Cleaver shares a reflective rendition of ‘le bus’. Against a soundscape of emotive strings, poignant piano keys, and a pounding beat, Cleaver employs his relentless flow and impassioned delivery to delve into themes of personal evolution and navigating life’s complexities. Watch the full performance on our site, and be sure to check out Cleaver’s new project which is out soon.

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