Priya Ragu – Chicken Lemon Rice

February 5

Tamil-Swiss artist Priya Ragu kicks off the new year with the release of sensational new single ‘Chicken Lemon Rice’. Having already impressed us with her infectious debut single ‘Good Love 2.0’ (which made it onto the FIFA 21 Soundtrack), the emerging artist returns with another sizzling banger as her glossy vocals glide across the festive soundscape. Vibe to ‘Chicken Lemon Rice’ here and be sure to keep an eye out for more greatness from Priya Ragu this year.

Priya Ragu – Good Love 2.0

January 10

Switzerland via Sri Lanka artist Priya Ragu kicks off the new year with ‘Good Love 2.0’, a funk-filled pop gem that impresses from start to finish. The rising singer/songwriter released a handful of brilliant singles last year in the form of ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Forget About’, both of which wonderfully showcase her delightfully smooth voice and poetic songwriting. That’s exactly the case ‘Good Love 2.0’ which starts off groovy and morphs into a South Asian-spiced cut that packs quite the punch.

Priya Ragu – Leaf High (ft Japhna Gold)

Priya Ragu was born and raised in Switzerland, holds her roots in Sri Lanka and produces music of traditional and Afro American soul music. With an intent to transmit feelings that cannot be expressed through words, music showed her the way to liberation and rebellion against traditional values, allowing her to take control of her own life purpose and creation. Her debut single, ‘Leaf High’ speaks about longing for freedom, the urge to be one with all and mother nature embracing the now in its purest form. Showcasing a transformation of positivity and love, the music video features brother and producer Japhna Gold collectively bringing forth the soulful vibrations.