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Being responsible and sharing and living together with love.

To me, community means... (Jordan Phoenix, LA & Chicago, USA)

(Nina, Paris / Lyon, France)

Effervescence. En effet, la communauté fédère et donne naissance à des projets qui sont teintés des différences de chacun. Une communauté est efficiente lorsque les différences, qualités et défauts de chacun fusionnent, bouillonnent et rendent un projet unique.

To me, community means... (Nina, Paris / Lyon, France)

People sharing a clear vision and working towards it, and everybody contributing different beliefs and ideas.

To me, community means... (Andreas, Manchester, United Kingdom)

(K.O.F.I, South East London, United Kingdom)

I would love to say wonderful, but I think it’s gonna be complicated if there’s not an ecological turnaround, but the future is already in hands of kids, they are the solution and they should all be able to vote, and the world will be more safe.

What does the future hold? (Josephine, Brussels, Belgium)

More love, learning how to connect and live among each other, being happy for others.

What does the future hold? (X, Berlin, Germany)

(Maria Louceiro, Berlin, Germany)

Working together to make sure everyone is comfortable as progressing in the spaces we share.

To me, community means... (Naomi, Washington DC, USA)

(Lauwers, France)

A mechanism or each of the cogs allows the other to be able to move forward with a common goal.

To me, community means... (Lauwers, France)

(Sara, Madrid, Spain)

That each person has an important role and contributes to enrich themselves and others.

To me, community means... (Sara, Madrid, Spain)

Your ‘people’. Those that just get you, those that you can truly express yourself around and exchange ideas with, those that are rooting for you and want to see you win.

To me, community means... (Antigoni Katsantoni, Greece & UK)

(Antigoni Katsantoni, Greece & UK)

Un camino de sueños que se van cumpliendo poco a poco y con esfuerzo.

What does the future hold? (Carmen, Madrid, Spain)

diversity & reunion

To me, community means... (Lisa Aithnard, Germany)

(Lauren Ahleeza, CA, USA)

(Sofija, Hamburg, Germany)

(Lisa Aithnard, Germany)

(Natalia, Segovia, Spain)

The future holds a mere reflection of the present thoughts of the overall population. There is no good or bad it’s an issue of time and patience. And it will be as we shape and take care of our thoughts and ideas. The future holds music that we cannot even imagine but that will make us expand our world view and create new universes.

What does the future hold? (Natalia, Segovia, Spain)

(Dean K, Tokyo, Japan)


To me, community means... (Dean K, Tokyo, Japan)

(X, AL, USA)

Experiencing a sense of stability, harmony, and creativity with a diverse group of individuals united by multiple commonalities.

To me, community means... (Brênt Esarzá, The Philippines)

(Rob, Cypress TX, USA)

Apoyarnos unos a otros e inspirar a los demás a través de la música.

To me, community means... (Emedejota, Málaga, España)

To me, community means…

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