Five years after its release, The Teskey Brothers reflect on the resurgence of their A COLORS SHOW performance of ‘Rain’


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Five years after its release, The Teskey Brothers reflect on the resurgence of their A COLORS SHOW performance of ‘Rain’

Australian blues and rock band The Teskey Brothers first appeared on COLORS in 2019 with a performance of their single ‘Rain’. Now, their A COLORS SHOW has made a resurgence across social media platforms, bringing their sound to a whole new audience.

We caught up Josh Teskey, one half of the duo, during a tour stop in Brooklyn, New York, to chat about everything from their recent social media success to balancing family with life on the road, and why the shows from their 2024 ‘The Winding Way Tour’ have been their best live sets yet.

You performed ‘Rain’ on COLORS in 2019. What do you remember about this experience? 

Josh Teskey: We were in the middle of tour and had a show the night before, so when we got to set the following day, I had a raw, tired voice. If I had known how big our performance would become, I would have made sure my vocal strength was better. Then again, if I had known, maybe our performance wouldn’t have been as raw and impactful.

What impact did performing on the show in 2019 have on you as an artist?

JT: It was a nice response, there was nothing particularly abnormal in the beginning. Yet more and more people have consistently discovered the video over the years, and we’re seeing the effects of that now more than ever.

I’m sure this has to do with the recent resurgence of your A COLORS SHOW across social media platforms. What has it been like seeing your performance circulating online again five years after its release?

JT: It’s incredible. It really started back in 2023, but what we’re noticing now are videos coming from creators who are really passionate about music and who have trusted fan bases. It’s been nice to see how these creators’ followers are responding to us in such a positive way.

We noticed you commented on one of the reaction videos made by a father-and-son duo, Bridging The Gap. What were your thoughts on their reaction?

JT: I love how they work. They are beautiful people who are passionate about music. I respect them, and I was interested in their perspectives because they have critical ears. Soon after we discovered their video, we had a show in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, and got to meet them. They were such warm people. We had a lovely time meeting them.

They compared your performance of ‘Rain’ to Otis Redding’s ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.’ What do you think of that comparison? Would you consider covering that track?

JT: We’ve performed tracks by Otis in the past, and we’re very familiar with ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.’ We would love to perform that song as well. For years, we avoided covering Otis because we thought it would be a bit too obvious. More recently, we’ve embraced performing songs that have influenced us. Otis’ ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ is a favorite of ours. It’s influenced my vocals a lot.

“The audience respond to each other and we respond to the audience…

… it’s symbiotic.”

Since your A COLORS SHOW, you’ve released your third studio album, ‘The Winding Way’ (2023). What can you tell us about the making of this project?

JT: A lot happened in the four years between ‘The Winding Way’ and our previous record, ‘Run Home Slow’. I became a father, so the story of ‘The Winding Way’ is loving and filled with life. We’re very proud of this project and have been on the road performing it for over a year now.

Our live show is at its peak. Having three albums’ worth of songs to pull from feels like the perfect amount of catalog to work with. Our performances always feel fresh and fun because we have the flexibility to change up our setlist.

Your 2024 ‘Winding Way’ tour takes in America and Europe. What are some differences you’ve experienced between American and European crowds?

JT: All crowds are different. The American audience is usually very responsive and loud, with high energy. They have a strong history with blues music, so they know how to respond to our sound. In Europe, and even back home in Australia, the audience almost critique the performance. They watch politely like they’re taking in a film. We love all audience interactions. The energy that the American audience brings is amazing, but the detail in which the band can play to a European audience is often more focused. It’s all beautiful, the audience respond to each other and we respond to the audience, it’s symbiotic.

I heard you tour with your family. What is that like?

JT: It’s very sweet. Every night I put my daughter to sleep before the gig. Some nights take longer than others. Last night was one of those nights. I only had 15 minutes between putting her down and getting onto the stage, haha.

Right now, we’re in New York. I’m currently heading to meet up with the kids and their mom in Central Park to spend some time together before we sound check. Being a dad and being able to tour at the same time is a gift. Big ups to my partner Hannah, who is a boss mom and really the one who makes all of this possible.

What message would you like to send to the COLORS audience?  

JT: Thank you for listening to our music, for hearing our messages of love, and for enabling us to continue creating. We couldn’t do this without your encouragement. So, we’re sending a big thank you from all of us at The Teskey Brothers.

Australian blues and rock band The Teskey Brothers first appeared on the A COLORS SHOW stage in 2019 with a performance of their single ‘Rain’. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

Text: Katerina Lytras
Photography: Ian Laidlaw (photo 1, 2, and 4), Kyle Gilmore (photo 3)


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