London-based spoken word artist Y.A. performs ‘Loving (love in) Lines’, a poetic interpretation of PALETTE 1’s primeval colors


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London-based spoken word artist Y.A. performs ‘Loving (love in) Lines’, a poetic interpretation of PALETTE 1’s primeval colors

COLORS is now working with seasonal color palettes to inspire all activities across our brand. To celebrate the launch of PALETTE 1, we’re publishing COLORS STORIES by contributors from the COLORS community that delve into what the colors in the palette mean to them.

To date, we’ve shared stories from writers and photographers from Vietnam, Nigeria, Kenya, and the U.S on topics ranging from raging Californian wildfires effects on avian populations to the vibrant yellows of Lagos’ transportation system.

Last but certainly not least, London-based international slam champion, performance poet, spoken word artist, and writer Y.A. to composed and performed ‘Loving (love in) Lines’, a poetic interpretation of PALETTE 1’s primeval reds, oranges, and yellow ochre tones. Watch the full performance in the video shot by Charles Rare above, and delve even deeper into the significance of the poem’s words by reading the written version below:

I speak this peace with the intention to offer representation and the everlasting statement that I am the amalgamation of love.
And as such, I declare myself worthy.
I know I’m enough.
I know love.
I know I am loved.
I love.
Live within love therefore I’m in love.
And as creation it’s fair to say God is love so I’ve learnt the aim is to meet God in us.

I work with purpose.
I strive be a better version.
I try my best.
Good example.
Better person.
So, when I leave this earth, my legacy will be certain.
I’ll leave these words.
I’ll have Blessed this world while I breathe in verse.
I’ll have raised my girls.
I’ll have earned my wealth.
I’ll have known my worth.
I’ll have known myself.

It’s not for no one else and yet it’s more than I planned for.
I had to stand tall to know what I stand for.
My words demand yet I’m not a commander.
Long line of matriarchs who help me advance more.
My bloodline recalls more than before.
I can’t ignore what calls from my core.
I still choose love before I choose War.
But if any weapons are formed
know I walk with the Lord.

You see I come from a place where the women were taken.
Tortured and raped and impregnated.
Captive they’d claim them.
Sully their names.
The cycles remained again and again.  
They ask me where I’m from.
I say I come from a pain from which you would run.
A line. Now aligned. Now my lines are a gun.
But I will not shoot for love overcomes.
I told my daughters what they done.
I told them we don’t answer to no one but the one.
I told them tell them once.
Tell them I’m your mum.
Tell them you were formed from the storms and the sun .

I said tell them where hope dwells.
Tell them we know peace after we knew hell.
Tell them “I know myself.”
Tell them of our tales.
Tell them of our parables.
Tell them that we’re well.
Tell them that I failed and fell but hail from a long line of warriors, of royalty.
Tell them we’re the change.
Be kind.
Demand loyalty.

We are not property.
We Love honestly.
Everything aligned, take time to love properly.
Tell this world you defy corruption of the mind, sickness and lies and what was deprived.
Know that we’re divine.
We are aligned so with hatred aside love will survive.

Take up space so there’s change once we’re gone.
Know place is amazing and life isn’t long.
Tell them where we came from.
Tell them that your chosen.
Tell them when we scribe its divine communication.
Use faith at many stages. Keep motivation.
Know we cultivate in greatness and care for connections.
Demonstrate what faith does whilst seeking correction.

Tell them I won’t quell or rebel.
I exhale at the revolution.
Rebuking rights to our trauma I forfeit confusion.
All consuming, I’m resuming my birth right to be me.
So, all praise belongs to the Most High as I find love and peace.
I pray you find it with me.
I pray you know what you deserve.
I pray you honour yourself.
I pray you honour your worth.
I pray you honour your words.
I pray you pray too.
Know that everyday I’m here, I’ll be praying for you. – Y.A

This COLORS STORY was produced in response to the red, orange, yellow ochre, and clay like umber tones in PALETTE 1, COLORS’ first seasonal palette running from October – December 2023. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch shows from the PALETTE, or read more COLORS STORIES by clicking here.

Text and performance: Y.A.
Videogprahy: Charles Rare


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