Meet Malou Linders, the creative force behind the strong, sensual choreography in Naomi Sharon’s ‘Push’ music video


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Meet Malou Linders, the creative force behind the strong, sensual choreography in Naomi Sharon’s ‘Push’ music video

Dutch-Caribbean singer Naomi Sharon’s debut A COLORS SHOW dropped earlier this week. In line with her show, we spoke to her collaborator, the Amsterdam-based choreographer Malou Linders, about her work and inspirations.

Read on to find out more about Malou’s contrast-driven choreographic style, her psychological approach to teaching, and why the depth of Naomi Sharon’s voice and lyrics fits perfectly with her unique approach to movement.

You’re both a dancer and a choreographer. Do you prefer performing or creating work “behind the scenes”?

Ever since I was young, I have always loved choreographing way more than performing. To watch others perform my choreography gives me so much more fulfillment.

How would you describe your movement style?

My movement style is informed by my perspective as a woman, and all of the strengths and layers that come along with that. I like working with minimalist movements that feel like they have a lot of depth to them, as well as exploring contrasts. This can mean working with both soft and sharp motions, or even juxtaposing the movement and the music itself. I love how you can shape music into a different aesthetic through choreography and, in doing so, make the people watching feel something that is unique to them in that moment.

Who are some of your dance heroes?

I trained under Dana Foglia and Jose Boyboi in Los Angeles for quite a long time. They shaped my approach to dance in so many ways, including how I hear music. I’m so thankful to them for that. I’m also always very inspired by my friends. One of my closest friends, Sergio Reis, has also had a huge influence on my choreography. He has elevated my work over the past few years.

As well as choreographing you have a Masters in Educational Science and specialize in teaching. What attracted you to this area and what do you enjoy the most about teaching?

I have always been interested in teaching and wanted to explore it in as much depth as possible. So, alongside dance training programmes, I studied psychology and educational science. I thought that this was the best way to learn how to create an optimal learning environment for my students. I take teaching very seriously because I know how much impact teachers can have on students, both positive and negative. I love building relationships with people and witnessing their growth.

You teach classes in Amsterdam that focus on your own unique training method. Can you tell us more about it and how you developed it? 

I’m always trying to stay a student of both dance and psychology, and my training method always evolves and changes because of that. What’s unique about my approach is that I aim to train dancers not only physically but mentally as well.

How and when did you first meet the Dutch-Caribbean singer Naomi Sharon, who recently made her COLORS debut?

I met Naomi last September. She reached out about me creating some choreography for her and we met shortly after.

“I love how you can shape music into a different aesthetic through choreography.”

Naomi Sharon in the music video for 'Push', choreographed by Malou Linders

What attracted you to working together? Why do you think you’re a good creative pairing?

First of all, I love Naomi’s music. The depth of her voice and lyrics, her aesthetic, and the way she naturally moves her body, matches my movement style perfectly. We had very few rehearsals for ‘Push’—the music video I choreographed for Naomi—but she learnt the choreography so easily.

In ‘Push’, the music video you choreographed for Naomi, the movement is sensual and feminine yet also strong and staccato. This reflects what you were saying before about liking to find contrast in your choreography.

‘Push’ itself is full of contrast—in the track, Naomi’s beautiful vocals are paired with strong beats, which bring the idea of contrast to life. I have to say that dance wise, it’s really hard to combine two opposing dynamics and make it look good. Naomi was able to do it very naturally. She was amazing to work with.

Malou Linders is an Amsterdam-based dancer, choreographer, and teacher who choreographed the music video for Naomi Sharon’s track ‘Push’. Sharon’s debut A COLORS SHOW was released on 29th January 2024. Watch the full performance on our YouTube channel, and make sure to follow both Linders and Sharon on Instagram to stay up to date with their work.

Text: Emily May
Photography: Jeffrey Mac-Nack


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