UK-based artist Pip Millett finally has no one telling her what to do


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UK-based artist Pip Millett finally has no one telling her what to do

Since the success of her 2019 A COLORS SHOW performance of ‘Make Me Cry’, U.K-based artist Pip Millett has released four self-reflective EPS and a full-length album, all of which showcase her unique ability to share her vulnerability through music. This year, Millett released ‘Tell Jimmy’, her first project as an independent artist. The 5-track EP is an embodiment of Millett’s new found creative freedom.

This Spring, Millett returned to COLORS to perform her new single ‘Better’. To celebrate, we sat down with the artist for an intimate interview. We discussed everything from how it feels to be a two time A COLORS SHOW performer to her decision to become an independent artist, as well as the intimate experience of creating her recently released autobiographical short film.

Welcome back, Pip. How did it feel to return to the COLORS stage?

I loved it. It felt like a full circle moment. It was really special to be invited back. I felt lucky.

The last time you were on COLORS you performed your track ‘Make Me Cry’. What do you remember about this experience? 

I remember feeling really calm and relaxed, maybe more relaxed than I should have been! It’s a gentle environment. It felt the same this second time around too—it’s just a nice space to be singing in.

What impact did performing on the show back in 2019 have on you as an artist?

Many more people knew my name because of the show. It pushed ‘Make Me Cry’ in general too. That track was my first single and suddenly so many people knew it. Even now, it’s one of my most listened to songs—that is definitely down to performing it on COLORS. The experience opened up my world.

What does ‘Make Me Cry’ song mean to you today?

My relationship to the song hasn’t changed. It still feels as deep and dark as when I wrote it. That said, when I sing it at shows now and audiences sing along with me, it feels like more of an anthem than it did before.

Tell us about the song you performed this time for COLORS. 

‘Better’ is another vulnerable track. Since I’ve grown older, and have had more therapy, I’ve realized that we’re all fucking insecure. We all go through periods where we feel anxious. Even when we boost ourselves up again, it’s hard to go through life without being knocked down by someone or something. That’s what the track is about.

Is there a specific lyric that is particularly meaningful to you?

Haha, ‘Trying to be present, the dick ain’t that refreshing.’ That line is about trying to force yourself to be present and live in the moment even when you’re finding it difficult to stop reminiscing about the past.

You just released your new EP “Tell Jimmy”. On Instagram you said that it was more fun to work on than your previous projects. Can you expand on that comment?

This is my first independent project under my distribution deal. Everything is under my name and everything is under my control. I’m leading the way.

“Be more gentle with yourself and the people around you. It makes all the difference.”

You recently released a documentary titled ‘Pipsqueak’ which was directed by your friend Race Imboden. What was it like working with Race on this project?

It was the best. I wasn’t expecting the experience to open my eyes the way it did. Being around someone like him, who has allowed himself to do any creative thing he wants, and who never limits himself, was so inspiring. Having him stay with me in my town was also so calming—it was such a natural experience. Everything about the project felt natural, working on the film with him was lovely.

Race told us how he remembers your first ever interaction. I would love to hear your side of the story.

I think he tweeted something like: ‘How do I invest in Pip Millett’s voice’. I responded: ‘It’s called a bank transfer,’ haha.

What were you hoping to communicate with ‘Pipsqueak’?

I wanted to show more of myself in as few words as possible. I don’t say much in the film which is something that reflects who I am as a person. I’m reflective in silence. Race managed to put it together without it feeling like a long diary of Pip Millett. It feels more like a window into parts of my life that I’ve never shown before.

What made you feel ready to share insights into your personal world through the film?

The fact that I was in complete control. There is no one at a label anymore who is trying to convince me to speak or create in a certain way. This project was all me. That’s why it felt like the right time—finally there was no one chatting in my ear telling me what to do.

You touch on themes such as loneliness and change throughout the film. You also discuss grieving lost friendships…

As painful as it can be, and as much as I continue to grieve the loss of various friendships, I can acknowledge that they wouldn’t fit with the person I am today. In leaving them, and grieving them, I came to the conclusion that the other people can’t see me fully anymore. They long for the person I was rather than the person I grew into.

I don’t regret the losses, instead I reminisce and think of the good times. Hopefully this makes space for the people who can see me clearly for who I am today.

Do you have a tour on the horizon? 

Maybe some shows will come around in the next few years, maybe another project, but I’m not tying myself to any timelines. I am going to go away and write for a little while.

If you could say anything to our audience, what would it be?

Be more gentle with yourself and the people around you. It makes all the difference.

Pip Millett is a U.K based artist whose second A COLORS SHOW was released on Monday 15th April. You can watch the full performance on our YouTube channel.

Text: Katerina Lytras
Photography: Race Imboden and Cal McIntyre


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