London-based artist Deyaz talks music, fatherhood, and finding happiness


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London-based artist Deyaz talks music, fatherhood, and finding happiness

Deyaz was only 12-years-old when he picked up his first guitar and unlocked what he describes as a “higher purpose.” Since then, he’s learned drums and piano, moved out of his East Ham childhood home, and busked on London streets and stages alike as a member of Camden’s punk scene.

In 2020, Deyaz found a devoted TikTok audience who connected with his emotive lyrics. This motivated him to release ‘WHY NOT,’ his 2022 debut EP that not only sought to alleviate his long-held feelings of anxiety and loneliness, but to also offer solace to others experiencing similar emotions.

Deyaz’s EP ‘TRANSPARENCY’ followed in 2023. Now, he’s in L.A recording new music and performing to the fan base that helped him actualize his dreams. In mid March 2024, he also found time to fit in an A COLORS SHOW rendition of his new track ‘Silicone Heart’. In line with the performance, we spoke with Deyaz about being a self-taught instrumentalist, impending fatherhood, and being in the happiest place he’s been in his life.

You’re currently in L.A and have just done a live pop-up for your fans. What was that like?

I haven’t been to L.A. since 2018, so once I got here the first thing I wanted to do was link-up with the fans. The show we scheduled sold out relatively fast, so a lot of people were disappointed. This pop-up ensured I was able to play for more people.

Would you do this style of mini-concert again?

I loved the experience so much, especially getting to meet everyone. There were about 150 people there. I’m considering doing another one before I leave.

What’s your earliest musical memory?

When my older brother left for university he left a guitar hanging on the wall. One day, aged 12, I picked it up with no particular intention. In the end it became my main passion.

You later taught yourself drums and piano. What motivated you to learn these instruments?

I had an ambition to be a one-man-band. When I was teaching myself guitar, I learned that melody and rhythm go hand-in-hand. For me, instruments feel like interlocking pieces of a puzzle—rather than being independent of one another, they all connect together seamlessly.

Did you always want to pursue music professionally?

From the moment I discovered my passion for music I was open to pursuing anything within the industry, from engineering to producing. Music is the only thing I’ve had a consistent passion for, so becoming an artist just fell into place. If any of the other jobs happened I would have been equally as grateful.

In 2022, you released ‘WHY NOT’. On it, you speak openly about anxiety, relationship insecurities, and loneliness. How did you identify these themes as important topics to explore on your debut album?  

I write from my own personal experiences. Music has helped me through hard times. A main driver for me is the idea that my music may be of use to someone else who is experiencing similar things.

‘WHY NOT’ didn’t originally have an intention, hence the name, but on some level it felt like a test to see who it could touch, whether that was 1 person or 100 people. I wanted to see if I could have an impact on those who deal with similar issues as me.

“It felt like a test to see who it could touch, whether that was 1 person or 100 people…

… I wanted to see if I could have an impact on those who deal with similar issues as me.”

It’s interesting that you say ‘WHY NOT’ didn’t have an intention—your December release “TRANSPARENCY” seems much more thematic.

‘TRANSPARENCY’ was my attempt to make a cohesive project. It was meant to be an open letter to my fans and listeners to give them an insight into my personal experiences. The project was a learning experience for me—it was the first time I sat down with myself to create a project from start to finish. I wanted all the tracks to feel like they lived within the same sonic world.

The project has a folk feel to it—narrative and lyrics are fundamental to the concept. How did you develop the project’s narrative through line?

I usually write from an unconscious place, but for this project, after having spent the majority of my life focusing on instrumentation and all of the finer details of music, I understood that I needed to redevelop my understanding of song writing to better articulate what I was thinking.

I did this by digesting music I hadn’t previously explored. Bon Iver is one of the key artists I started listening to. I dove into the work of Zach Bryan too. He has an amazing way of building a lyrically vivid picture over simplistic harmonies and chords. I had to get out of my own head to step away from my traditional way of thinking.

When you posted a live rendition of ‘Dylan’, a track from the album, to your socials, it received many long heartfelt comments from your listeners. Why do you think this particular song struck a chord with your audience? 

I wrote ‘Dylan’ 10 minutes before I posted it to TikTok. I think we’ve all experienced loss in some form, and ‘Dylan’ is a vague interpretation of that theme. To be clear, Dylan is very much alive and well, and I’m regularly able to see him now . But when we separated years back, it felt like a loss, or at least that is how I coped with it at the time. I think that’s why it resonated with a lot of people – it’s not always the passing of a loved one that results in the feeling of loss or grief.

Can you tell us about the song you performed for COLORS?

I lightheartedly wrote ‘Silicone Heart’ in my living room over Christmas. The song is about being close to someone, whether in a relationship or a friendship, and discovering overtime that you’re better off without them. It focuses on becoming so attached to someone that you’re unable to spread your wings to find your independence.

Do you have a favorite lyric from the song?

‘I’d be happier on my own than in your arms where I feel alone.’

So, back to LA, are you recording new music?  

Yeah, and it’s been going amazing so far. Getting to be in a new environment, seeing how other people work, and witnessing their approach to creating has been inspiring. I’ve also been able to meet artists who I’ve looked up to for a long time. I recently spent time with Machine Gun Kelly, and a few other acts, for example.

“I’m in the happiest place I’ve been in my life, and I’m very aware that’s down to so many people I’ve never met. Thank you.”

On a personal note, you’re expecting a baby in April. Do you think being a dad will influence your writing?

I think it’s going to change everything in the best way. I didn’t grow up with my biological father in the picture, so there’s always been this part of me that’s wanted to fulfill this role for someone else. I will make sure that I do the best job that I can. God knows what will happen with the writing, but I’m sure it’ll all work out for the best.

Lastly, if you could send one message to our listeners right now, what would it be?

When it comes to what you’re passionate about, keep pushing. Go for the life you believe will be the most fulfilling.

Also, I need to say how thankful I am to everyone who has listened to my music. I’m in the happiest place I’ve been in my life, and I’m very aware that’s down to so many people I’ve never met. Thank you.

Deyaz is a London-based artist whose A COLORS SHOW was released on Thursday 14th March. You can watch the full performance on our YouTube channel.

Text: Katerina Lytras
Photography:  Sarah Hein (Image 1 and 7), Hoda Davaine (Image 6), Jack Chipper (Image 5), and Megan Courtis (Image 2)


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