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Born and raised in Algiers, Paris-based artist TIF (aka Toufik Bouhraoua) has created his own unique sound that blends together influences from chaâbi Andalusian music and rap. After releasing his first single, ‘3inya’, in 2019, the artist dropped his debut project ‘HOUMA SWEET HOUMA’, 9-tracks expressing strong nostalgia for his birthplace. Last year, TIF shared his debut full length album ‘1.6’. Featuring tracks in both French and Arabic, the project’s highlights include ‘HINATA’ and ‘SHADOW BOXING’.

Beharie – Adore | A COLORS SHOW

Norwegian artist Beharie first shared his refreshing take on indie-soul with the release of his self-titled EP in 2019. Since then, he’s continued to showcase his delicate harmonies and stirring vocals on a range of follow up projects, including ‘Beharie // Beharie’ (2021) and ‘Beharie, The Third’ (2022). More recently, he released ‘Are You There, Boy?’ in October 2023, his debut studio album that demonstrates his full spectrum of sounds on highlights such as ‘Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?’, ‘Oh My God’, and ‘Desire’.

For COLORS, Beharie performs an uplifting rendition his new single ‘Adore’, the first taste of new music from the artist since ‘Are You There, Boy?’. In the track, drums, harmonicas, and guitars merge to create a rich, tapestry-like soundscape against which Beharie lays down mellow musings on the pain of leaving a passion-filled relationship. Watch the full performance on our site, and be sure to keep an eye out for more new music from him in the future!

Lia Kali – Florezco | A COLORS SHOW

Rising singer Lia Kali began her musical journey by participating in jam sessions with her friends and performing on stages across Barcelona. Then, during the 2020 COVID19 pandemic, she started to experiment with songwriting. It wasn’t until 2022, however, that she had her musical breakthrough, as her singles ‘Puñales’, ‘Falso’, and ‘Contra Todo Pronóstico’ all went viral. ‘Contra Todo Pronóstico’ is also the title of Kali’s debut studio album, which features collaborations with the likes of Tony Anzis, DAAX, and Yeke Boy.


For her debut A COLORS SHOW, Lia Kali shares her reflective new single ‘Florezco’. Backed by an acoustic guitar and a lush, bassy beat, the artist employs serene tones to lyrically explore themes of self-discovery and the importance of making genuine emotional connections. Watch the full performance of on the site and make sure to keep an eye out for more music from Lia Kali later this year.

Wallace Cleaver – Le Bus | A COLORS SHOW

Saint-Laurent-Nouan, Paris-based rapper Wallace Cleaver first shared his introspective songwriting and nostalgia-tinged sounds with the world in 2018. Since releasing his early singles ‘Arsène’, ‘Fe.tys’, and ‘Britney Spears 2007’, the rising artist has taken the French rap scene by storm with projects like ‘98’ (2019), ‘Toute l’année c’est l’hiver’ (2020), ‘CAUCHEMAR’ (2021), and ‘à la recherche du temps perdu’ (2021)’. Last year, Cleaver released ‘baiser’, an album combining his sincere storytelling with rich instrumentals. Highlights from the project include ‘​​​çalavie’, ‘​benelli828’ (ft. Django), and ‘​​est-ce que je l’aime ?’.

For his debut A COLORS SHOW, Wallace Cleaver shares a reflective rendition of ‘le bus’. Against a soundscape of emotive strings, poignant piano keys, and a pounding beat, Cleaver employs his relentless flow and impassioned delivery to delve into themes of personal evolution and navigating life’s complexities. Watch the full performance on our site, and be sure to check out Cleaver’s new project which is out soon.


Citing the likes of Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, Outkast and Funkadelic as influences, New Jersey-raised, Austin-based artist and producer BLK ODYSSY’s music is shaped by his experiences growing up Black in 21st Century America. Weaving together the worlds of alt-R&B and Neo-Soul, he released his debut album ‘BLK VINTAGE’ in 2021, before sharing a re-release ‘BLK VINTAGE: THE REPRISE’ (which included additional tracks with COLORS alums Mereba and Baby Rose) the following year. In June 2023, BLK shared his sophomore album ‘DIAMONDS & FREAKS’, a conceptual project split into four chapters narrating the tale of a man ensnared by his overpowering lustful desires.

With the release of his new album just around the corner, BLK ODYSSY steps onto the COLORS stage to deliver a tantalizing performance of his new single ‘PHASE’. Against a striking soundscape of gritty guitar riffs and spirited drums, BLK ODYSSY delivers infectious vocals that depict a person grappling with feelings of inadequacy and longing. Watch the full performance on our website and be sure to check out the rest of BLK’s new album, ‘1-800-FANTASY’, which is out in July 2024.

Godwin – Home | A COLORS SHOW

Godwin makes soul-soothing music that is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and cultural heritage. In March 2024, the Nigerian artist re-released his debut EP ‘Road to Nirvana’, a project comprising five songs in which he grapples with the loss of his mother and goes on a journey of self discovery. Standout tracks on the project include ‘Proud of You’ and ‘Now’.

For his COLORS debut, Godwin shares a grounded and heartfelt rendition of his new single ‘Home’. Backed by a minimalist instrumental featuring deep, powerful piano chords, Godwin employs warm and inviting vocals to expresses a sense of longing for home and connection.

Watch the full performance of on our website and keep an eye out for more new music from Godwin this year.

Chance Peña – Black Bird | A COLORS SHOW

Artist and producer Chance Peña combines traditional storytelling with modern musical influences. Having competed on The Voice at just fifteen-years-old, the Tyler, Texas native honed his craft as a songwriter before releasing his early singles ‘Standing Strong’, ‘Hey Lovely’, and ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in 2017. Since then, Peña’s showcased his emotive penmanship and endearing vocals on EPs including ‘anxiety & mixed emotions’ (2019), ‘The Inevitable’ (2020) and ‘Lovers to Strangers’ (2023).

For COLORS, Peña shares a captivating performance of ‘Black Bird’, a new single lifted from his forthcoming debut album. Accompanied by the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar, Peña delivers soothing vocals that tell the tale of a tumultuous relationship. Watch the full performance on our site and keep an eye out for Peña’s new album which is due later this year.

Alizzz – Mirando al techo | A COLORS SHOW

Cristian Quirante Catalán, aka Alizzz, is a multi-award-winning producer, singer, and songwriter who has worked with the likes of Rosalía and C. Tangana. In 2019, Alizzz launched his record label Whoa Music. Here, he’s released his solo works, including his critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Tiene que haber algo más’ (2021) and recently released second album “CONDUCCIÓN TEMERARIA’. A swirling vortex of electronic and rock-infused pop, the new album features Alizzz’s previously released singles ‘Carretera Perdida’ and ‘Despertar’ (ft. Maria Arnal).

For COLORS, Alizzz pumps up the energy with a striking rendition of ‘Mirando al techo’, which also features on the new album. Against a backdrop of sprightly drums and infectious guitar lines, Alizzz delivers lively vocals that mask his inner turmoil. Watch the full performance on the site, and be sure to check out rest of Alizzz’s new album when you have a chance.

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