Serious Klein – 91 Flex

From the minute he opens his mouth, you can tell he takes his music seriously…all puns intended. Serious Klein’s conviction goes skillfully unscathed throughout various production influences, spanning from funk, soul, and trap. Having started his career back in 2011, the Ghanaian-German MC has amassed a loyal (and growing) fanbase, following the releases of his mixtape The Rolling Stone (via DSTY Records), The Serious Outlook (2012), The Introduction (2015), and most recently his standout project Summer 03’s Problem (2016). These projects not only showcased the Hip Hop artists’ sensibilities around music, but also honed in on his massive presence on record, and his undeniable swagger to back it all up. Serious just has a way of making you hang on his every word, and we’re all ears!

For his second show with us at COLORS, Serious Klein gives us a dynamic performance of his new single “91 Flex”, filled with certainty and charisma. Driven by, trap-leaning production that spars with the tracks head knocking synth bassline (prod. Rascal), Klein takes a spit-fire approach that places his seemingly innate vigor on display. All stemming from his various life encounters, and being born in 1991 (91), “91 Flex” is an unabashed account on Serious Klein’s learnings, accomplishments and life ambitions.

Check out his performance of “91 Flex” above and do yourself the favor in taking a deep dive into his ever growing catalog. There will be no turning back!

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Serious Klein – 91 Flex Serious Klein - 91 Flex

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