Pip Millett – Make Me Cry

Having shone on the glorious “Goodby Kisses” by emerging producer Joe Hertz in 2017, rising artist Pip Millett has stepped out of the shadows and has continued to impress with her refreshing take on R&B and Neo-Soul. Over the past year, the Manchester native has released alluring singles like ‘Love The Things Yo Do’, ‘Take About It’ and most recently ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ which all exude an intimacy and honesty through Millett’s utterly personal songwriting.

For her COLORS session, Pip Millett takes us back to where it all started with a powerful rendition of her debut single ‘Make Me Cry’. Produced by Lester Duval, the track manages to pack a punch with its subtle yet emphatic instrumentation accompanied by Millett’s striking and luscious vocals delivered with the perfect amount of sass and passion. With a croon that’ll warm your heart, enjoy Pip Millett’s performance of ‘Make Me Cry’ up top – it’s a stunner!

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Pip Millett – Make Me Cry Pip Millett - Make Me Cry

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