Phony Ppl – Either Way

Phony Ppl are a ray of sunshine on “Either Way.”
Since the release of their debut album Yesterday’s Tomorrow in 2015, Brooklyn based group Phony Ppl have continued to impress with their colourful blends of alt-R&B. Over the past three years or so, the five-piece have seen several lineup changes and have signed with 300 Entertainment, all of which lead up to their incredible sophomore album mō’zā-ik. The eleven-track project is a rainbow of vibrant cuts like “Before You Get A Boyfriend” and “Once You Say Hello” featuring COLORS alum Masego, which intertwine an amalgamation of sounds from jazz, funk, R&B and everything else in between; like a mosaic.
For COLORS, Phony Ppl serve up a stellar performance of “Either Way”, a shining moment in their mō’zā-ik. album. Sizzling synths, warbling bass and a fiery drum beat serve as the backbone to the track’s scintillating instrumentation whilst those soothing vocal tones serve as a ray of sunshine, warming your heart with each line. Enjoy the magnificent performance of “Either Way.” up top and be sure to give the group’s equally sophisticated and atmospheric album a spin too.

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Phony Ppl – Either Way Phony Ppl - Either Way

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