Nitro – Passepartout & Lucifer

Having started out in the game as a student of battle rap and an avid freestyle emcee, Italy’s very own Nitro, has generated a new wave of Italian rap that’s currently serving as the building blocks of his artistic output. The Vicenza raised artist is known for flexing a spit-fire flow that effortlessly wraps around the cadenced language of Italian. With over ten years in the game, multiple mixtapes, numerous freestyle battle rap wins, and three studios albums under his belt, Nitro isn’t slowing down anytime soon. His latest release No Comment, which came out earlier this year, is a testament to both his growth sonically and his ability to make bigger records with the dark, but high octane standout single “Buio Omega” and “Ho fatte bene”.

For his COLORS show, Nitro drops off a charismatic performance of his new single “Passepartout & Lucifer”. With trap influences as the underbelly of the record, Nitro comes out swinging with his spit-fire flow and catchy bounce. It’s almost as if he does this in his sleep, with precise diction and his ability to ability to stay in the pocket, both seeming to come as a second nature skill, with little no hesitation. It’s embodied. A beast in his own right, Nitro isn’t lifting his foot off the neck of the rap game in near future.

Check out his performance above, and be sure to take a listen to his latest album No Comment, out now!

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Nitro – Passepartout & Lucifer Nitro - Passepartout & Lucifer

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