Kyle Dion – Baby Esther

Consider yourself introduced to L.A. based artist Kyle Dion, your new favourite R&B star. Having collaborated with the likes of Austin Mahone and Kehlani, Dion first introduced himself with his velvety smooth brand of alternative-R&B through “Better”; a track which showcased that ever so pristine and enticing falsetto of his. Since then, the singer/songwriter has gone onto release the equally arresting Sixes and Sevens and Painting Sounds EPs. What makes Dion such a great artist is his ability to merge sonic worlds such as R&B and Rock and effortlessly find that sweet spot whilst narrating stories that evoke such feeling.

As part of his COLORS session, Kyle Dion sets the stage alight with a dazzling performance of his latest single “Baby Esther” which dropped last week. Driven by that underlying guitar chord, the track is elevated by the introduction of some super gritty and complementary drums to give it that extra bit of bite. Of course, it should come as no surprise that the star of the show is that voice. As sensual as it is charming, Dion’s killer falsetto will absolutely blow you away and melt your heart at the same time. Whilst we wait for Dion’s forthcoming project, hit play and swoon to the blistering session up top!

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Kyle Dion – Baby Esther Kyle Dion - Baby Esther

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