Dezmond – Want It All

Consider yourself introduced to rising rapper Dezmond who has been sharing his eloquent and poetic stories dressed in equally arresting and versatile beats over the past few years. With a handful of EPs under his belt in the form of Wrath. and Perfect Timing both of which dropped in 2017, the Boston native is currently setting up the release of his first full length body of work in And Then the World Stopped Turning which will feature the recently released single “Elevator Music” and “Supreme”.

On his COLORS show, the Boston native sure isn’t playing around as he delivers a calm and collected but equally powerful performance of “Want It All”; the second single from And Then the World Stopped Turning mixtape. The bass-heavy trap beat penned by Wxlfstealth serves as the perfect backdrop for Bezmond to work his magic with his clever wordplay and relentless delivery. There’s an air of confidence and nonchalance in the flow; it’s one that quietly simmers yet hits harder and packs more of a punch than you’d expect. Enjoy the performance of “Want It All” and be sure to look out for Dezmond’s And Then the World Stopped Turning mixtape which hopefully, is just around the corner!

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Dezmond – Want It All Dezmond - Want It All

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