Cuco – Amor De Siempre

Just about two years ago, LA based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cuco began to unknowingly build what’s become the staple of his music persona – teen nonchalance, with a sense of poignant melancholy that’s resonated with millions of teens. Classified as “bedroom” or “dream pop”, the 20 year-old Mexican-American artists’ music however, is also filled with influences from jazz, soul and alternative alike. With three projects under his belt, ‘Wannabewithu’ (2016), Songs4u’ (2017), and his most recent being the well-received Chiquito EP that came out earlier this year, Cuco has wowed with standout his Spanglish lyrics and pop sensibilities on tracks like “Lo Que Siento” and “Lover Is a Day”. His sentimental views on young love and effortless blend of pop and its neighboring soundscapes, all lend themselves towards the talent he is and has yet to become.

For his COLORS show, Cuco performs a heartfelt rendition of 2016’s “Amor de Siempre” from his first project ‘Wannabewithu”. Entirely sung in Spanish, “Amor de Siempre” is a love letter of sorts to girl who manages to capture Cucos’ heart every time he sees her. Singing “cuando veo esos ojos, ahí es donde quiero vivir/ si me besan esos labios, ay si quiero morir”, the LA singer is confessing to how alive looking into her eyes makes him feel, and how once they kiss, it could very well be the kiss of death. It’s tender essence is precisely the driving force behind most of Cucos’ music and is quite frankly an trait that well suits him and our ears! Check out the impassioned performance of “Amor de Siempre” above and definitely take the time to get into his ever expanding catalog.

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Cuco – Amor De Siempre Cuco - Amor De Siempre

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