Crush – 넌 (none)

Crush is the moniker of South Korean artist Shin Hyo-seo who creates emotive R&B tunes that’ll both melt and break your heart. With a handful of EPs and an album under his belt in the form of 2014’s ‘Crush On You’, Crush has shown his versatility as both a singer, with that magnificent falsetto of his; and a songwriter. Most recently, Crush released ‘wonderlost’, a dazzling star-studded EP which features contributions from the likes of Sik-K, PENOMECO, punchnello, Zico, Hoody, CIFIKA and Byung Un.

For his COLORS show, the K-R&B singer laments over a heartbreak in the ardent and poetic performance of ‘넌 (none)’. Produced by Stay Tuned, the captivating ballad is sound-tracked by a pounding heartbeat which is accompanied by soothing piano melodies and serene guitar lines, all of which marry seamlessly with Crush’s impeccable vocals as he yearns over a lost love. Enjoy the blissful performance of ‘넌 (none)’ up top and be sure to give Crush’s magnificent ‘wonderlost’ project a spin too.

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Crush – 넌 (none) Crush - None

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