ByLwansta – Lindiwe

A quick look at ByLwansta’s SoundCloud description (“South Afri-can do anything.”) gives you an insight into his artistry. The Durban based hip hop artist and graphic designer’s music encompasses a certain freshness that inspires and uplifts you – giving you the sense that anything is possibe. Through his eloquent songwriting, ByLwansta crafts narratives akin to that of Eminem who fires up his verses with a ferocious flow whilst maintaining an authenticity and honesty in his words.

Bringing his immaculate flow and clever songwriting to COLORS, ByLwansta offers up a scintillating performance of “Lindiwe” which is taken from his exceptional NORMVL mixtape. A magnificent song in which he details the story of a woman who finds herself in the wrong company, “Lindiwe”, beautifully juztaposes the harshness of ByLwansta’s delivery with that smooth and heavenly sample of Kimosabe’s “Pretend Like I’m Happy” in the chorus.

Hit play and enjoy the 22 year-old’s striking performance of the track up top!

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ByLwansta – Lindiwe ByLwansta - Lindiwe

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