Billie Eilish – idontwannabe youanymore

Possessing a strong sense of self that takes center stage through her incredible songwriting, Billie Eilish currently pens some of the most evocative art in the pop music sphere. At only 16 years old, the Los Angeles singer has quickly become the industries newest starlet, with her killer attitude and highly sophisticated vocal prowess in tow. The release of her debut EP, Don’t Smile at Me, propelled the singer-songwriter to new heights with tracks like the enchanting  “Ocean Eyes”, and the bold proclamatory nature of “Boy”. However, “Watch”, another standout from the debut effort brought her to our COLORS show, where she wowed with sparkling performance to remember.

Now back for a second round, Billie Eilish delivers a stunning performance of her melancholic and deeply introspective “idontwannabeyouanymore”, also lifted from her debut EP. Putting all of her insecurities and self-deprecation on full display, it’s easy to quickly become mesmerized by how Billie delivers her story. It’s evident that, like the viewer, she gets lost in her own words; a state of virtuosity that bleeds off the screen as she seemingly taps back into the origin of this initial actualization.

Check out the performance above, and be sure to check out her debut EP Don’t Smile at Me!

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Billie Eilish – idontwannabe youanymore Billie Eilish - idontwannabeyouanymore

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