With a burgeoning virtuosity that’s set them apart from many of their music contemporaries, DMV native duo April + VISTA are bound for success beyond their wildest dreams. Comprising singer/multi-instrumentalist April George and producer, composer/multi-instrumentalist mattVISTA, April + VISTA create lush soundscapes rich with swelling etherealism and grace.

Since entering the music world with their first two projects ,‘Lanterns’ (2015) and ‘Note to Self’(2016), April + VISTA have blown listeners away with their captivating musicality through various live performances, one of which includes opening up for COLORS alum Goldlinks’ “At What Cost” tour back in 2017. However, in 2018 the duo solidified their bold arrival in music with the release of ‘You Are Here’; an 8-track journey through a beautifully painted canvas of culture, spirituality and mesmeric storytelling, that lends itself towards the futuristic aspects of gospel, soul and hip hop derivative influences. Considered to be one of the best offerings of 2018, the debut project has spawned fan-favorites like the earworm that’s become “Own2” and the funk/neo-soul love child in the form of “Fo’Sho”.

For their COLORS session, the first of 2019, the DMV native duo stun with a serene performance of “FOMO”, taken from their recently released ‘You Are Here’ album. Opening with an array of intricate sounds, played by both April and VISTA, a calm melody is enveloped by Aprils’ lyrics of self awareness and acceptance within life’s many transitions. “FOMO” is impeccably arranged, as it displays an essence of a journey we may all travel, through one’s own path of introspection and beauty. Do yourself the favor; hit play above and enjoy their beautiful performance!

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▶ Stream: https://colors.lnk.to/FOMO
▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AprilandVISTA/
▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aprilandvista/


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